MyAbilities Task Scheduler is a mobile App and Management Console that will help Students, Veterans, Seniors, People with Disabilities, Caregivers including anyone having challenges taking medications and people in Rehabilitation Programs.

You do not have to know how to read because the App provides a live visual picture and reads directions and instructions to you in many languages.


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Perfect Solutions for

Physician Offices & Clinics

Help patients recover faster by sending medication instructions and speech readout schedule to customer phone. Speed up patients recovery time while promoting healthier habits.

  • Reduce the number of times customers revisited office after post surgical procedure.

  • No more leaving phone and text messages.

  • Reduction in missed appointments.

  • Track if customers are following instructions.

  • Rather than phone calls or text messages, can notify customers of upcoming appointments.

  • Increase accuracy of customer wellness of following medical instructions.

  • Alerts even if your phone is locked. It gets your attention.

  • Notified you when customers acknowledged tasks.

  • Send reminders of appointments in many languages with visual, text and audio readouts.

"Our patients are refilling their prescriptions on-time and leading more healthier lives"

-Dr. Brandon Myers

  • Can send tasks schedule from computer to phone.

  • Track progress, generate reports, graphs and downloads.

  • Notification of when visual and audio readout tasks are completed.

  • Measure your personal and team member's productivity.

  • Can assign the same task to many people simultaneously on different devices.

  • Always in communication with mobile App.

  • Send tasks from App to any Computer or other mobile devices.

  • Modify, delete or send new visual and audio tasks in many languages. 

  • Download the Brochure or call for more information.

Cloud and On-Premise Installation

  • Organizations can store the data on-premise by using the MyAbilities appliance that comes already configured. Data will not be stored in the Cloud nor go outside of your organization.

  • Individuals and organizations can use our Oracle Cloud SaaS services to store their schedules.


Our Mission

About 22.6 million people ages 18-64 in the United States have disabilities or learning deficiencies.  
MyAbilities aims is to improve coordination within the public workforce system in all industries. Our Mission is to help businesses meet their workforce needs by hiring and training individuals with disabilities & learning deficiencies.

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We are serving the community of special needs individuals, seniors and anyone who needs help taking medications on time by offering our mobile service for FREE. Please help us keep our service free of charge for mobile users by donating below.

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