Company Overview


MyAbilities was founded to celebrate the achievements of handicapped individuals in the workplace. Our founder, Conrad Meertins, used his background in Information Technology to lead the initiative to increase employment rates and provide tools to enhance productivity. 


The MyAbilities Task Scheduler® for iOS and Android is the perfect time management planner for Schools, special needs participants, Seniors, Caregivers, Rehabilitation Programs, Veterans, Doctors and more.

Over 26 million people have some type of disability and over 300 million people that take more than one medication daily. The MyAbilities Task Scheduler® is a mobile App and Management Console that will help people with disabilities, seniors, veterans, students, rehabilitation patients, caregivers and anyone having challenges taking medications.

You do not have to know how to read because the app provides a related picture and reads directions to you in many languages. Now it also features push notifications to get your attention.

Doctors, Caregivers, Teachers, Employers, and Guardians can utilize the MyAbilities Management Console® to monitor progress and update tasks to enhance productivity