MyAbilities Task Scheduler®


MyAbilities Task Scheduler®

They are Equal to the Tasks

What makes our Approach so effective?


  • Tasks are sent to your phone and other mobile devices with live visual cues from Gallery, Cloud pictures or taken live.

  • Automatic dictation to read to users in many languages so users do not

        have to know how to read. Words are read to you.

  • No more leaving phone messages.

  • No more sending text messages.

  • No more making phone calls.

  • No more waiting for phone calls to be returned or someone blocking your number.

  • Caregivers had no way of knowing if seniors and loved ones are taking their medications on-time and as scheduled.

  • Training and showing people with special needs such as autism, intellectual, hearing impaired and other how to do repetitive tasks has been challenging.


  • Promote independence in everyday tasks for at risk or special needs (Disability) populations


  • Perfect for Schools, Transitional Programs, Caregivers, Seniors, Special Needs, Autism, Diabetes, Doctors, Hospitals, Pharmacists, Nursing Homes, Individuals and more.


  • Perfect Solutions for hospitals, physician offices and clinics. Help patients recover faster by sending prescribed visual and audio medication reminders schedule to a patients’ phone.


  • Speed up patient’s recovery time while promoting healthier habits.


  • Pharmacists can utilize this app to provide health care advice as it relates to medication dosage, side effects and drug interactions and to coordinate with physicians to adjust drug dosage or change prescriptions in cases of negative drug interactions or health conditions.


  • Collaborate with teachers, parents and classmates who speak English as a second language with visual and audio readouts.

  • Mitigate Risk Management by knowing the time, date, type of medication along with a picture of the medication that was given to patients.


  • Can schedule participant activities in advance and real-time.


  • Doctors can reduce the number of times customers revisited office after post-surgical procedure.

  • Increase accuracy of customer wellness of following medical instructions.

  • Physicians can increase accuracy of knowing that customer is following instructions.


  • Tasks are scheduled with alarms to nurses' phone for on-time delivery of medication to patients.

  • No more forgetting to take medications

  • Reduction in missed appointments